DeStefano Architects, with great pride and care, renovated our space to reinforce the culture and brand of our establishment. They paid particular attention to preserve the historic nature of the space while helping to bring our design vision and requirements to fruition. With the help of D|A, we were able to maintain the exterior charm of our historic building and incorporate it on the inside while creating a functional modern workspace for our employees.
Spencer Thomas Group
Historic Interior Commercial Renovation
What is most important is the long standing relationship with Destefano Architects. Our two firms how been doing business together for over 20 years. Need I say more? There is a level of trust that you can’t measure.
Commercial Consultant
D|A is an absolute pleasure to partner with. What stands out about Lisa is the combination of a uniquely skilled architect with the personality that makes you feel like she’s designing your home or business as if it were her home or her business. I have had the pleasure of working with D|A on office, home and restaurant projects.
Commercial Interior Fit-Up Design
When our 140 year old organization was planning a total renovation, we engaged a number of local architects for proposals and concept drawings. In the end, DeStefano Architects provided us with concepts that reflected a true understanding of our history and corporate culture. They took the time to understand what’s important to us to produce the best possible product.
Historic Bank Renovation
DeStefano Architects is hands down “the best." They’ve earned many accolades, but most importantly they've earned our trust. When my wife and I tried to pull off the impossible; converting a multi-family apartment into a dream home in the city's historic district, on federally-protected waterfront, with improper zoning and other major hurdles, we were told to go with DeStefano — they are “the best.” After a thorough evaluation process, we chose Lisa and her team. What we got was everything we wanted and more. They were resourceful and unrelenting in their pursuit of our dream. They made everything happen, and we are lucky enough to live in the work they did every day. From design, to permitting, to management, they are the most talented, process-oriented and professional architects out there.
Historic Residential Renovation
As we have a substantial history of collaborating with D|A on commercial projects, they were our natural go-to architect for our residential addition. The firm’s experience with historically-sensitive design fit our project perfectly. Our home’s enhancement was assuredly in the best hands while D|A navigated and served as our advocates during the city's Historic District Commission approvals process. We are as pleased with the results of our residential project as we always have been while working on commercial projects with D|A. I highly recommend their services!
Historic Residential Renovation
DeStefano Architects has been a valued partner for over 20 years on dozens of very successful private and public projects. Before starting an assignment they take the proper time to understand the project goals , deliverable expectations, client budgets and assemble the proper team. It has been a pleasure to be part of the positive team environment they create on every project. I am so impressed with their communication skills, creativity, problem solving and overall project delivery that we have trusted them with working on renovations to our personal residence we recently purchased. D|A plans maintain the character of our 1920’s beach cottage, while bringing it up to today’s building and energy codes.
Residential Client and Commercial Consultant
DeStefano Architects was wonderful in helping us develop a design that met the needs for our property, specifically to accommodate our growing family. D|A professionally orchestrated a large team of consultants to seamlessly result in a residence that is "ours". The design team adhered to our specific wishes for the existing property and provided the much-needed detailing and open family spaces we desired. We look forward to calling on D|A in the future - or recommending the firm to our friends- to assist with any design needs.
Residential Addition and Renovation
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