House in-Town

An exercise in the co-existence between old and new, the melding of a 1947 Cape and its newly renovated interior and rear addition.

For this project, collaboration with the Historic District Commission of Portsmouth was necessary to create the careful medley of a new home in and around an existing structure. The objectives for this home were to redesign character and life into an older shell and to seamlessly meld a new addition.

The new portion, located farthest from the street, settled into the site and tied effortlessly with the older structure in a mode that serves the clients wishes for entertaining guests. Together the old and new wrap a pocket of sunlight; a brick courtyard and drive. This approach welcomes guests and guides them toward the heart of the home through what is perceived as an older porch, in-filled with a repetition of arched glass doorways. Guests can look back into the courtyard, where they arrived, from the kitchen, dining and living spaces.

The interior received a new layer of trim details, in birch and mahogany; a continuous ribbon, a common vein between the old and the new. Stairs were rebuilt in a style conducive to the 40's era of the home. The client's love of the arts and crafts movement was achieved through a modernized derivative.

Located in a tightly arranged neighborhood setting, with a new and renovated square footage totaling 4800, this homes renewal had to be done skillful to bring a layer of privacy to the exterior spaces without appearing too foreboding to the adjacent residences. Through the manipulation of familiar architectural features in concert with extensive fenestration, the structure that went up to create private courtyards and patios became a successful addition to the neighborhood.

The client can also enjoy solitude, though located within proximity of a bustle downtown.

Key Consultants:

  • Contractor: K&S Contracting

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