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A homeowner, longing for a new living experience, was referred to DeStefano Architects upon her purchase of a downtown Portsmouth condominium. The previous office space, recently converted to residential units, was located in a rehabilitated Portsmouth building – an ideal location; near countless stores, restaurants and other downtown cultural locations. And the view could not be beat: views of the river and nearby park had to maximized.

With such a raw space to start with, D|A had great flexibility to create a design to meet all needs. The homeowner wanted to spend less time caring for a big house and more time living life– moving from a large house near the beach to the smaller (more luxurious) condominium.

D|A’s greatest challenge was making the most of the space. There was no luxury of a basement or attic, so every inch had to accommodate wiring, heating or ventilation. D|A needed to understand the steel structures, so coordination with all the consultants was required.

The design and layout of the kitchen played a crucial role in the development of the character of the space, as it is considered the heart of the home. Cabinets that reach the ceiling helped with storage issues. With adjustable drawers for storage an spices, slide-out drawers on each side of countertops for added surface space, and a dishwasher on either side of the sink, everything has a place in this kitchen.

Color schemes consistent with the water views and local scenery make interior décor pop, leaving eyes aesthetically satisfied and the owner happy to be calling this home.

Key Consultants:

  • Two International Construction Company - LLC

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