House by the Sea

High on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this Maine residence exudes its sense of place, it seemingly originates from the same ledge that supports it. Jutting forms and crashing volumes are reminiscent of the relationship between the land and the sea and the fury that continuously recreates the craggy shoreline enjoyed today.

Challenged by the pre-determined setbacks of local and state zoning, we were poised to conceive of a home in a vastly irregular footprint. From these parameters grew a collision of forms, all radiating away from the entry tower centerpiece.

Through this catalytic piece the views to the Atlantic, hidden upon approach, are slowly unveiled. Beyond the foyer the home begins to unfold and it becomes apparent that this narrow slice of unexpected built form is really much more about the landscape than the structure.

With a theme strictly following the clients wish for minimal use of structure and maximum use of glass, the walls of the space rise up on ball-bearings and effortlessly roll away leaving an undefined complacency to where the outdoors and indoors become united.

This theme is consistent in the more private areas of the house. The second and third stories of the tower house the master bath suite. With a glass enclosed shower on an outside wall, the sense of openness continues. Similarly the jacuzzi tub, one level higher, offers a 360 degree vista of the five lighthouses adorning the coast from Cape Anne, Maine to Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Clad in a traditional New England suit of weathering shingles, mahogany, copper and stone, the building is no stranger to its surroundings. It is, with its gestures, that a more contemporary language is derived.

Key Consultants:

  • Interior Design: Machado-Blake


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