Sense of Peacefulness

An existing 1800s Cape, located in a historic waterfront neighborhood, became the perfect renovation project for new homeowners returning to their roots after years away.

Having undergone the design and construction process many times before, the owners knew what "home" felt like to them. After signing onto the project in 2005, DeSetfano Architects presented a design that paired the owner's sense of home with an available reality, while also relating in appropriate style and scale to quaint neighborhood surroundings. In December, after a series of local and state approvals were granted, demolition began. The home was gutted and a number of additions were removed, opening the spaces up to the unmatched views and creating a house with much more access to its surroundings. The goal: a summer home for casual living and frequent entertainment.

Suitable for owners who love to entertain, the first floor kitchen, formal dining room and sitting area are open to one another, and boast remarkable views of the water. On the upper level there are three guest bedrooms and a master bedroom, each with a private bath. Rooms on the second floor access a porch tucked into the roof, where guests can enjoy viewing the active harbor and lobster pier below... all while maintaining a comforting sense of privacy.

Design guidelines for this historic area allowed only natural materials on home exteriors. This posed a problem for the owners, who only reside in this summer abode two months out of the year and require a low-maintenance home. Because natural materials are difficult to maintain, D|A introduced the use of composite exterior trim and clapboard siding material. Because they remarkably replicate historic details, these environmentally conscious, low-maintenance materials were unanimously approved by the town's historic commission.

The homeowners describe their remodeled home as a labor of love, referring to both the team's work ethic and the finished product. They were impressed with the level of professionalism and attention to detail, budget and timelines. "An easy to live in space, with its own sense of peacefulness" is how they characterize their new home.

Key Consultants:

  • Contractor: K&S Contracting


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