Grandeur and Grace

This home could serve as a possible definition of what DeStefano Architects does best. A classic, long-standing estate in seacoast Portsmouth was in need of expansion and modern updating. D|A catered the renovation design to achieving the owner's dream; a gracious remodel of the estate to fittingly match the grandeur of the private grounds.

Collaborating with a well known local builder, D|A used natural materials to detail, modernize and expand the once dated home into a dazzling property.

Added interior spaces gave framed the kitchen as the heart of the home, where extended families could gather and the homeowners could enjoy creating. D|A focused on an idea of circulation and adjacency- the kitchen and master suite were set up to easily access the patio, enhancing the ability to fully utilize it on a beautiful day.

Key Consultants:

  • Contractor: Peter G. Kasnet Inc.

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