Warming Trends

Designing within a specific framework of expectations can often produce wonderfully unexpected results.

Before approaching us, the owner of a breathtaking riverfront lot envisioned a home with a traditionally styled exterior and a unique, wide-open interior. We embraced the client's vision, then worked to improve both its aesthetics and functionality.

From the front, the house is a Cape with an inviting front porch. But inside, it transforms into an open-concept, ideal for informal entertaining. Oversized elements were designed in proportion to the space: a wide front door, a large fireplace, and a huge dining area. As the home's true focal point, the kitchen was highlighted by the columns, while a palette of rich Tuscan colors unified the rooms. A master suite and laundry also made the first floor ideal for modern, one-story living.

In back, the design took advantage of the sloping lot to include an unexpected lower level. Here the TV, game and fitness rooms are enjoyed as much as walking out to savor the water views.

By prioritizing the client's ideas, we were able to artfully blend the traditional and nontraditional design elements in a home that is as pleasing to guests as it is to the homeowner.

Key Consultants:

  • Contractor: Rocheleau Custom Homes
  • Interior Design: Cicely Markoff Interior Designs

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