This 1950's childhood home of the now adult owner needed some modernization to accommodate her and her husband, their new puppy, and their move back to the familiar surroundings.

The home sits along a popular pathway to a local school, minimizing privacy in the backyard and the often-enjoyed views of the water. The client's wishes were to improve the overall layout, increase the size of several rooms and add on towards the water view in a way that would create a higher level of privacy.

The smaller, compartmentalized rooms were opened to each other, increasing views throughout the home to the outdoors. A small screened porch was added, evoking the image of a garden pavilion sitting amongst the client's mature plantings beds, and a second single story addition was created to the rear to exaggerate the new open concept living space. Atop this addition, a roof deck is nestled within the roof structure off the Master Suite. This design best answered the challenge of how to add on minimal interior space, while maintaining the simple profile of the home and its views and maximizing the exterior living space, and the privacy that was so needed.

Today, the restyled childhood surroundings are evoking old, cherished memories and offering an updated lifestyle to build new memories for years to come.

Key Consultants:

  • Interior Design: Tobey Design Group


  • Blind Dog Photography
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