Red Desert Water Reclamation Facility

DeStefano Architects teamed with a local investment company to produce a facility designed to bring environmentally sensitive and sustainable businesses to life by making more water available to Wyoming that would have otherwise been disposed of. The 24-hour facility is the first in the nation to use Clean Runner's proprietary PetroCleanse processing equipment: a chemical-free, low-cost technology that cleans large quantities of produced water to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Environmental Quality's regulatory standards. The water, which is generally not reused but currently lost through the controversial use of injection wells or deposited into evaporation ponds, can be cleaned inexpensively for reuse in irrigation or subsequent oil and gas projects.

In addition to designing the headquarters building, DeStefano Architects served as liaison between local engineers and contractors and the developer/property owner from design through the finished materials selection, all while keeping in mind and maintaining the client’s budget and aesthetic needs. The result: a facility and campus that meets the needs and desires of the company. Red Desert Water Reclamation had the capacity to treat approximately 20,000 barrels of produced water from Wyoming oil and gas drilling daily.

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