Commercial Facades and Interiors

The ambiance of a commercial space is directly related to the function it serves or goods it offers.  Before beginning a commercial design, DeStefano Architects first gains an intimate understanding of the developer/owner/company's concept - focusing on the character the space should exude.

From initial sketches, the concept is brought to life visually and spatially, promoting alignment between aesthetics and feasibility analysis results.  Throughout the process, DeStefano Architects represents the developer/owner/company to see that city and state requirements are all met.

Finally, efficient contractors and consultants are selected to bring the concept to life.

By taking time to become a true partner in the design of a commercial space, DeStefano Architects has helped many high-profile clients in the area transform spaces to offer efficient working environments, sleek facades to attract all passersby and memorable retail experiences for all consumers.

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