DeStefano Architects Office

D|A was presented with the unique opportunity to demonstrate our design ideals in the expansion of our own office space while providing for our growing business.  We looked at every material, color, texture and component and their effect on the workplace environment as a whole. Focused on exposing the rich, historic elements of the Pierce Block while adding contemporary features to modernize the space, we have more than doubled our footprint and added amenities needed for a larger staff. Formerly a tobacco and cigar store, the new space was directly adjacent to the existing D|A office. We connected the two suites on both street and below ground levels, successfully reconfiguring  the two into one and enhancing the circulation throughout. One interior wall was covered with cork providing us with a wall to showcase our work while absorbing sound. The open space fosters creativity and the natural light promotes health in the studio space, all while maintaining connectivity among staff. Three goals were established at the outset - space, light, connection and through this renovation, we achieved what we set out to do.

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