Revived Main Street

A developer approached D|A with an idea to revitalize and rebuild a significant portion of Main Street, close to the heart of town and near the University of New Hampshire’s campus.  

Located in both the Historic District and the Central Business District, several new buildings will be constructed while two of the existing historic structures will be returned to their original glory.  The project will provide an “in-town” option for students that supports the central business district and reinforces pedestrian and bicycle transportation to and from the nearby campus. Additionally, the scale and detailing of the infill buildings at the street will help to continue the human scale of Main Street, aided by a tree lined street front, traditional architectural details, and raised entry stoops for privacy.  The larger buildings in the rear of the site will appear to be of a smaller scale due to the third floors being tucked under the rooflines of the buildings, allowing for more density, while remaining visibly smaller to the human eye. Through the reintroduction of historic details, a pedestrian courtyard, various pathways for pedestrian use and the integration of the new with the old, Durham’s Main Street will once again present an inviting experience for visitors, college students, and long term residents.     

Key Consultants:

  • Contractor: Fulcrum Associates
  • Engineer: Wozny/Barbar & Associates Inc.
  • Allen & Major Associates Inc.

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