Striking Vistas

An elegant brick structure rising five stories above the waterfront was the location of two other residential units previously designed by D|A.  The building was ideal for a designer’s new home, with striking vistas of the river, the park and vibrant downtown.

Plain concrete floors and just-framed walls quickly became a marriage of function and flair.  Clean, simple lines and an easy flow were early desires for the design.  The goal was to create a space that made visitors feel relaxed from the moment they walked in, evoking a sense of peace and comfort.  Eight-foot doorways and a 10-foot high ceiling allow guests entering through the condo’s main hallway a stunning view of the city skyline. Walls and furnishings done in cool tones perfectly complement nighttime views.

Wall-to-wall windows promote unique views throughout the living space.  Horizontal interest was added to avoid an overwhelming feeling of ceiling height and openness.  Bookshelves under the windows and window ledges sturdy enough to provide extra seating add dimension.  The kitchen fills one large corner of the space, and the dining room is deliberately placed away from it to separate cooking and dining clutter.  The master bedroom is tucked toward the back and is done in cool whites and soft blues, creating a cloud-like effect.  The hallways reflect clever planning – what seem to be squares of paneling on both sides is carefully camouflaged closet storage space.

Key Consultants:

  • Contractor: K&S Contracting
  • Interior Design: Cicely Markoff Interior Designs


  • Rob Karosis Photography
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