Perfect Planning

The client, being a noted planner, wished for a home with rooms ideal for cozy family gatherings during holidays, summer vacations, or spontaneous Thursday evening dinner parties.  A desire for carefully planned and highly functional spaces sparked the creativity behind the home’s design.

Purchased as a shell, D|A created a unified concept throughout the home – and equal blend of aesthetic and function.  As the heart of the home, the kitchen was given the most thought and resulting detail.  Wide and elongated counter space and work areas were created to include family photographs and memorabilia.   The pantry can be accessed from both the kitchen and the living room. Antique furniture was placed accordingly throughout the space to enhance appeal and give visitors the strong desire to stay awhile.

Even the beloved, boisterous black lab was considered in the carefully laid plans.  A specific nook was incorporated in the design to keep the dog ever close to friends, family, and the occasionally dropped table scrap.

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